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Vox Filters - Society and Environment

Vox Filters - Society and Environment

Vox Filters - Social Responsability

Vox promotes many actions which contribute with the society, such as:

Donation of groceries, toys and food staples:

Vox contributes with many daycares located around the enterprise's facilities with groceries and toys donation.

Warm clothing's campain

Every year, close to the winter season, Vox promotes the Warm Clothing's campain along with its employees. The clothes are donated to regional institutions.


The Company keeps partnership with an state school, located in the surroundings. In this school was structured a studying room and was financed a professionalizing technical course to 16-17-year-old young people, holding the possibility of hiring these young people to the personal company staff.

Digital Inclusion:

Computing equipment no longer used by the company, due to technological updates, is donated to needy institutions, so as to be made good use of it.
Internally, the employees' digital inclusion program is emphasized, through opened computing trainings provided for free, using the company's equipment and facilities.

Active Life Project:

The project happens in partnership with FPEFIT (Federação Paulista de Esporte e Fitness) or SFPF (Sport and Fitness Paulista Federation) and the São Paulo State Government, in which its goal is making people aware about the sports-practicing and recreation importance in order to maintain a healthy life. Vox is one of the project's sponsors which consists in rhythm classes, walkings and exams, such as: blood pressure, blood sugar, physical and nutritional evaluation. The event will happen in 4 stages in 2014: Parque Villa Lobos, São José dos Campos, Parque Pet Tatuapé and Parque Ibirapuera. The dates will be displayed here.

Vox Filters - Environment

Vox has a constant concern about manufacturing products with quality, with the least usage of natural resources as possible, from actions focused on the wastage elimination, awareness and processes modernization, aiming the Environment Preservation.
Get to know a little bit more about our projects focused on the environment:
Industrial effluent treatment station: Industrial effluent treatment to enable the reusage of water used in degreasing lines, liquid painting cabin and other activities. Environmental benefits: consumption decrease of drinking water and hydro pollution prevention.


It carries out the uptake and storage of rain water to use in toilets and dressing rooms, production, administrative areas, cleansing and other activities. Environmental benefits: comsumption decrease of drinking water.

Leavings Central:

All the leavings generated by the Enterprise are temporarily storaged so as to be disposed correctly, according to the Brazilian environmental law. Environmental benefits: avoid the incorrect dispose of leavings in the environment.

GLP Central:

It reduces the electrical power consumption demand in manufacturing processes. Environmental benefits: rational usage of natural resources with low emission of atmospheric polluters.
Besides all these programs, the company worries about the garbage collection and distributes, all over its area, specific dumps for collecting paper, plastic, metal, glass, among other kinds of leavings.
Next to all the drinking fountains, there is selective collection of disposable cups and, to stimulate even more the employees, it was created the "Ecological Path", a small track around the administrative building, passing by gardens getting it closer to the environment.