Vox Filters
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Vox Filters - Mission, Vision and Values

Vox Filters - Mission, Vision and Values


Provide automobile-focused filters aimming value addition to many automotive-segment chains, value our employees, preserve the environment and develop good social-responsabilities practicings.


Our vision is being recognized by our employees, partners, customers and acting sector, as a leader company in the filters supplying field for the Brazilian and South American aftermarket.


Custumer's satisfaction assurance and best cost-benefit offering;
Agility, Flexibility and Innovation in decisions and deployments;
Self-made, guiding and interactive leadership;
Ethical, responsibles and long-termed relationship maintenance with employees, custumers and comunity;
Zeal for the enterprise image;
Respect for the human being;
Employees' health and physical integrity preservation;
Environment preservation;
Shareholders' satisfaction assurance.