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Our Product Range

Vox Filters is spotlighted by its new products launching agility. The creating process of a given filter is started in the New Products department. Studies in the market, searches of potential and adequate machinery before any product lauching are performed.
The goal is always ensuring the maximum fleet coverage, currently with approximately 95% filled with Vox products. As the automakers are always launching new vehicle models, Vox Filters always has to keep up to date with the market and assure that the filter reaches to the sales channels as soon as possible.
All departments are involved: Engineering, Quality, Technical Service, Procurement, Production, Logistics, Marketing and Sales. Each one with its task, to take to the market filters with quality and Vox warranty.

Understand the filter

The Filter is an engine integrant part, in which the main purpose, is to retain harmful particles that may be brought by the air, oil and fuel.
The retention happens by a physical or mechanical process, intermediated by a filtration method, which could be wire gauze, cotton, wool, polyester, felt, fibers, paper, etc. For this reason, the better the filters are, the more they prevent the engine from premature wear.
All of our products are constantly controlled and tested by our laboratory, as well as by many automakers.

The types of filters:

Vox Filters - Air Filter Range

Air Filter

This filter is a vital part in the filtration process and blocking of unwelcomed air particles to the engine. Its main feature is retaining external environment impurities, giving the engine ideal conditions for the perfect performance. Exchanging the air filter at the right moment even avoids the excessive fuel consumption, engine warming, loss of power and the increasing of polluter gases released by the exhaust pipe.

Vox Filters - Oil Filters Range

Oil Filter

Well known in the automotive filtration market, the engine oil filter is an item of extreme importance for the perfect vehicle performance. Its main function is hindering the passage of unwelcomed particles (arisen from the parts' friction) to the engine's insides, so as avoiding excessive wastage of the inner components during its operation.

Vox Filters - Fuel Filters Range

Fuel Filter

The fuel filter links the fuel tank to the engine and it is classified as a security item. Its function is not permiting failures in the fuel supplying to the engine in order not to occur its running interruption. This kind of filter ensures more life to the injection and carburization system, eliminating unwelcomed particles, such as dust, rust and tank leavings.

Vox Filters - Cabin Filter Range

Cabin Air Filter

This filter is totally linked to the passengers's health on the vehicle. Its main function is retaining impurities contained in the air as dust, soot and gases, ensuring that the air reaches the vehicle's interior purer. This product has been receiving a high level of importance in vehicles, be them heavy duty or light duty. One of the onboard technologies in this filters' family is the "Corona Treatment". This technology enables the application of controlled electrical discharges in the flat synthetic paper, generating an eletrostatic field in its mean, which will increase the particles' uptake power in the beginning of the its operation inside the vehicle air conditioning system.

Vox Filters - Ecological Filters Range

Ecological Filters

In the case of oil filters, we call ecological the projects which contemplate solutions and/or proposals of alternative materials with recycling possibilities and low final leavings level. Some examples are: filtration media technologies with paper and cellulose reduction, synthetical materials widening such as Polypropylene, Polyester, multi-layer medias compound by two kinds of material, innovator concepts which eliminate metal items and replace them by injected polymer and project proposals with the "clean" concept for the maintenance and performance, generating low volume of disposable material. The dealing of use and application of these filters, be it for light or heavy duty, is conditioned to the supplier's instruction and automaker's specification. The ecological filters are already available since the end of the 90's in Europe and Asia due to the beginning of electronic fuel injection engines. In Brazil, this paradigm is being broken with the entrance of high-cubic-capacity imported vehicles, and now with the increasing volume of Asian brands, forcing other automakers to direct their projects to this kind of technology.

Vox Filters - Vox Max Range

Vox Max Filters

Vox Max Filters have the same quality as the conventional ones in only five types and they also have more than 150 applications. This tecnology has become possible based on studies covering many different filter features which are used by many automakers, grouping up the ones that had similar features and technologies. This is a manufacturing line directed specially for those who have low warehousing space, but who do not dismiss quality. Besides that, Vox Max Filters cost less than the conventional ones.