Vox Filters
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Technical Service

Vox Filters has a Technical Service department which serves all over the national territory, in addition to other countries, promoting lectures, trainings and performing field tests.
The department has a high qualified and well prepared team to settle any doubt regarding filters and filtration processes.

To make contact with our technical team:
Call 0800 77 10535 or send an email to: sac.vox@tecfil.com.br.

Check some tools from our Technical Service Department

Mobile Laboratory: the Vox Mobile Laboratories are commercial vehicles fully equipped to execute field tests, trainings and qualification. The laboratories run across all over Brazil, visiting complex customers such as plants and mining companies, other than fleet owners, gas stations, car centers, car dealerships and oil changing places.

In the laboratory, the customer will be able to watch an eficiency test of a given filter, settling the doubts and widening the knowledge.

Warranty: Vox Filters has total warranty of its products regarding any manufacturing defect.

Lectures/Training Courses: to keep our appliers updated and well informed, covering our latest launches and services, Vox Filters promotes lectures and trainings regularly all over Brazil.

To request a Vox lecture, Call 0800 77 10535 or send an email to: sac.vox@tecfil.com.br.